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About the project

Title: Added-value bioprocessing for FISH raw materials via low-cost FERMentation technologies delivering a PLUS in the sustainable production, consumer safety and quality of highly sensitive fish products (FishFermPlus)

Duration: 01 November 2012 – 28 Feburary 2015

Funding scheme: Research for SMEs, 7th Framework Programme

Funding: 891,000 €



FishFermPlus targets to support the economic viability and resource-efficiency of SMEs in fish/seafood value chains. Under-utilised, high-quality raw materials from capture fishery and aquaculture production (e.g. homogenised fish flesh from fillet production) will be used for a novel fermentation process with higher cost-efficiency and a more simple implementation than previous mere extraction/purification methods. Instead of isolating components, FishFermPlus will generate multifunctional, fish-derived ingredients which will deliver in particular antilisterial/antimicrobial activity and flavour enhancing or texturising properties. SMEs will generate income from the by-product valorisation and the marketing of safe, naturally processed high-quality fish and seafood products with prolonged shelf-life, better palatability and thus higher consumer acceptance.

This will be achieved by a concerted applied research programme involving 2 RTDs and 4 SME companies from 3 European countries who are dedicated to

  • develop a bioprocessing method under optimal fermentation conditions and process control

  • tailor adequate downstream processing to stabilise the processed materials and their functionality

  • apply the ingredients for a fish product range that achieves additional product-safety (assessed via viable counts, challenge tests, risk modeling), prolonged shelf-life (microbial, sensory) and high consumer acceptance (preference & concept testing)

  • critically assess and to disseminate the positive impact of the project results and their contribution to the sustainable use of scarce aquatic resources and current waste minimization strategies.


Work packages

WP1: Stakeholder targeting and definition of industrial specifications

WP2: Development of the fermentation process

WP3: Downstream processing & equipment design

WP4: Development of product applications

WP5: Pilot validation and quality assurance

WP6: Demonstration

WP7: Knowledge management and IPR protection

WP8: Use and dissemination

WP9: Project management

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